HTC-1 Portable Hygrometer and Thermometer for Humidity Monitoring HTC1

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  • Indoor temperature and humidity monitor
  • 1-inch tall digital display
  • Measures temperatures as low as -58° Fahrenheit and up to +158° Fahrenheit
  • Powered by 1 x AA battery (not included)
  • Displays temperature, humidity and time simultaneously
Building up a home requires more than just having the right furnishings. It also requires making your loved ones feel comfortable. Make sure that the temperature and humidity in your home is just right with the Portable Hygrometer and Thermometer HTC-1. With it, you can monitor the indoor temperature and humidity without blowing your budget. The Portable Hygrometer and Thermometer HTC-1 can measure temperatures as low as -58° Fahrenheit and up to +158° Fahrenheit. It can display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously, so you can also use it as a clock. If you’re using the Portable Hygrometer and Thermometer HTC-1 please place it under a protected area such as a covered porch. Technical Specifications -Display Temp, Humidity & Time simultaneously -Memory of MAX/MIN measuring value -oC / oF Unit Selectable -12-Hour / 24-Hour Displaying System selectable -Alarm Function -Clock and calendar function (month and date) -Can be placed on a wall or on a table -Power: 1.5 (AAA) x 1 -Temperature-50 ~ 70oC (-58 ~ +122oF) -Humidity10% ~ 99% RH -Accuracy±1.0oC (1.8 oF)v -Accuracy± 5% ( 40%~80%) -Resolution0.1oC (0.1oF)v -Resolution1% RH

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MP-CS Raffles Tech Inc.-HTC-1 Hygrometer 1 unit

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1 x Hygrometer and Thermometer HTC-1