HTC-2 Multi-function Digital Hygrometer with Clock and 1.5m External Probe

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  • Indoor-outdoor Dual temperature sensor
  • Max-Min Memory
  • Outdoor: -50°C ~70°C(-58°F ~158°F), Indoor: -10°C ~50°C(14°F ~122°F)
  • Accuracy: ±1°C , Analyze degree:0.1°C
  • Characteristic: 3 line of LCD display
  • Max outdoor temperature sensing distance: 1.5M
  • Battery: AAA Size
Show the outdoor temperature and indoor temperature at the same time. It Records the higher or lower temperature value every day. The instrument has one string to deduct location behind one’s back and prop up the board, can hang on the wall or put on the desk. Max outdoor temperature sensing distance: 1.5M Change the battery: Use the battery (1.5VDC) of AAA Size ( not included)
  • Temperature survey method :
Press MAX/MIN key and measure the highest or lower temperature value inside and outside the room of the environment at present. The internal and external temperature of environmental room is written down to press RESET key and remove at present, quantity is examined and will go on automatically again. Press°C/°F key to change the display°Cor °F

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MP-CS Raffles Tech Inc.-HTC-2

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Digital LCD Thermometer Hygrometer HTC-2 with 1.5m Sensing Probe