W435 LTE Pocket WiFi Antenna with 2 Mimo Wires TS9 (White) for Huawei E589, E5776, E5372, ZTE MF93D, MF63, MF60

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  • Gain: 35dBi
  • Polarization Type:Vertical
  • Radiation: Omni, input impedance: 50 ohms
  • Maximum Input Power: 10W
  • Frequency range: 791~821MHz/832~862MHz/1710~1785MHz/1805~1880MHz/2500~2570MHz/2620~2690MHz VSWR
  • Connector: TS9, sucker:50 mm(diameter)
  • Cable type: RG174 (best) 100% copper, cable Length: 2 meters
  • Suitable for pocket wifi models: Huawei E589, E5776, E5372, ZTE MF93D, MF63, MF60
  • Wireless is popping up everywhere! Many coffee shops, malls, hotels, and more places are offering Wi-Fi access for you to get connected to the internet. However, wireless signal is also known to be much weaker than its wired counterpart. The W435 LTE Pocket WiFi Antenna could change all of that. 35dbi High-Gain Antenna increases the Signal Strength and Performance of 4G/3G/2G Mobile Networks. It is compatible with 4G/3G/24 Mobile WiFi Modems Router,simple installation,no software required. Attention:Please check your device connector to make sure this antenna can meet it. Such as, there is a difference between CRC9 connectors and TS9 connectors and although they look almost the same the TS9 is slightly bigger. Stop enduring mediocre signals and download, stream and surf to your heart’s content with the W435 LTE Pocket WiFi Antenna . For your personal computing A desktop, a laptop, a smart phone, or a tablet–your choices for your personal computing needs just keeps on getting bigger by the minute, and Lazada offers all of them under one roof. Don’t stop with just your preferred machine, make it better by purchasing your computing or mobile accessories at Lazada, and turn that device into more than just a machine.

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    MP-CS Raffles Tech Inc.-35dbi LTE antenna with TS9



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    1 x W435 LTE Pocket WiFi Antenna with 2 Mimo Wires (White) 1 x Suction Cup