Dehydrator 5-Tier Polycarbonate Plastic 220V

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Polycarbonate 5 layer Dehydrator Digital, up to 68 Celcius (155Fahrenheit) Model: KH-118 220V, 350W 32*32*27cm Total dehydrating square area: 0.45sqm  Dehydrates foods for snacks, camping, hiking, etc.  Operates silently with convection air flow  Makes yogurt in eight hours  Fruit roll up trays and herb/flower screens sold separately  Includes five trays for drying fruits, vegetables, jerky Notes: the lower trays will dehydrate food faster than the upper trays. Expected duration to dehydrate is from 8 hours to 24hours depending on food dryness requirement.

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 35 cm